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Product Design

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Pre-Screening Action

From the time a fresh load of material is fed until it encounters the cutter disc it is constantly agitated, breaking loose dirt, mud, sand and rock that can exit the machine without contacting the cutter disc.

First the violent action of the Shark's Fin shakes the material, then the shock waves generated by the cutting action vibrates the material violently. Finally the shoe, scrub star, drop area and star wheel agitate and assist the contaminates out through the screens. Only about 20% of the contaminates ever contact the cutter blades. The result is 80% less wear and tear on the cutter blades and holders (hammers).

All tub grinders and horizontal feed machines feed 100% of the contaminates to the cutting mechanism, then they force it between the hammers and screens violently until it is finally forced through the screen holes. High wear is inevitable and screen blow outs are common.

No Pinch Points

The cutting action in the R-Mag does not force the material against the screens and it does not force it against an anvil, therefore, there are no pinch pints in the system. The knives strike the material and the cutting back up force is provided by the material itself. There is no Self Destructive tendency. All tub grinders, horizontal fed grinders and hammer mills have pinch points between their hammers and their anvils and/or screens. Self destruction is constant.

No Jams

Because there are no pinch points in the system, the cutter disc almost always can be started up even when the pan is full of material. Rotor jam-ups just don't happen. Tub grinders advertise that their tubs flip open to clear jam-ups. This is not needed in a R-Mag nor is time wasted digging out such situations.

Fluid Coupling

The R-Mag models now employ a Fluid Coupling in the drive system. This allows the engine to transmit full torque to the cutter disc at full engine power without concern over burning up a clutch. This gives the cutter disc the ability to nearly always start under full load.

Low Wear & Tear

The cutter disc and cutter blades of a R-Mag travel at less than half the speed of the hammer tips in a tub grinder r horizontal feed machine. The damage and wear that contaminates can do to a cutting tip is proportional to the square of the tip speed. Therefore, a cutter traveling at half the speed experiences only a quarter the wear and tear.

If you consider that only 20% of the contaminates fed to a R-Mag ever contacts the cutter blades and that contact only results in one quarter the wear and tear, the result is only 5% the relative war and tear by comparison.

Simplicity Mastered

At Universal Refiner we believe that one of the most important factors in a design is simplicity. By following this "simple" rule we are able to produce larger, stronger and better machines yet sell them at lower prices than the competition. This "simple" rule makes our machines less expensive and easier to operate and maintain as well.

The cutter blades, bladeholders (hammers) and many other key components are interchangeable on all of our models. This simplicity and commonality allows us to keep larger inventories of all key parts, this is important for good customer service.

Rugged Design & Construction

If you examine any of our R-Mag models you will see that the design and construction is such that they are nearly indestructible. We feel that our concept backed up by strong design and construction and 100% replaceability of all wear parts gives you a machine that you can operate indefinitely if you wish. By comparison most of the tub grinders and horizontal feed machines on the market become worn or damaged beyond repair within a year or two. URC Machines just keep on running! (Really)