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Universal Refiner Corporation (URC) has been building the best Industrial Grinders / Shredders on the Planet for over 35 years.

Universal Refiner Corporation (URC) is a small to mid-size company that has many strengths. We began building stationary grinders for the sawmill and pulp industry in 1980. Our success came from replacing troublesome hammer mills with "Universal Refiners". In about 1984 our first portable production moved more toward the portable recycling market.

In 1990 we recognized the need for a large in-feed opening, portable grinder to replace the troublesome hammer mills called tub grinders. The result was the "CONTENDER" Anti-Tub Grinder.

Since about 2000 URC has been busy developing and marketing the H.A.W.G. (Hypocyclonic Action Waste Grinder) models. This new design surprised everyone with its ability for its size and cost and is now firmly established in the market place.

We have now turned our attention to our larger machines and using what we have learned, have created a larger, stronger replacement to the Contender models. THE R-MAG MODELS are our most powerful, productive and efficient grinders yet. We can honestly say that the R-MAG MODELS ARE NEW...TOUGH...AND BETTER.